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Who we are at Vantage

Vantage is a data analytics company based in the UK, with operations in Durban, South Africa. Founded in 2014, our mission is to deliver value to organizations through data analytics. We leverage our business experience and use proven approaches to create value from data and enhance client profitability. Using proprietary processes for prediction and analytics, we turn your raw data into actionable insights on demand.

Our Leaders

At the helm of vantage sit two highly experienced campaigners & visionaries that continue to push vantage to new heights.

James Smith

Co-Founder and Director

James has 11 years of experience in supply chain logistics for global pharmaceutical companies including Teva and Aspen. His past work has involved overseeing large factory acquisitions and integrations, including many in Eastern Europe. After moving to South Africa to become Aspen’s Global Supply Chain Executive, James started Vantage as an outsourced BI solutions company, specializing in data visualizations and analytics. James has a Bachelors degree in Biomedical Engineering from the University of Pennsylvania.

John Kogel

Co-Founder and Director

John has 10 years of experience in the finance industry working for both UBS and Citadel. His past work experience has focused on leveraging data analytics to enhance portfolio returns while minimizing risk. In 2014, John began developing his own suite of analytics, generating outsized returns for his investment strategy. On the back of this, John saw an opportunity to expand these analytics beyond the scope of finance to industries including retail and manufacturing, and started Vantage. John has a Bachelors and Masters degree in Computer Science and Electrical Engineering from MIT.

Ryan Evans

Chief Technical Officer

Ryan has 14 years experience in software and firmware design and development for companies including Honeywell and UEC Altech, with a further 4 years managing operations in the market research industry at Gfk, driving quality, efficiency and innovation while overseeing 22 countries within the Middle East, Turkey and Africa. Ryan joined Vantage in 2017 to lead operations, bringing a depth and breadth of knowledge across both product development and solutions implementation. Ryan has a Bachelors degree in Electronic Engineering from University of Kwazulu Natal.

Kim McCallum

Chief Capability Officer

Kim has over 10 years experience within Human Resources specializing in Global Executive Search, Talent Management, and HR Operations. Kim’s career has been spent within the Pharmaceutical and Retail Industries, working for companies such as Gilead Sciences and MassDiscounters, where her ability to drive the attraction, retention, development and high performance of global teams enabled the success of strategic business initiatives. Kim joined Vantage in 2018 to head up HR and combined this with her passion for linking talent strategies to organisational objectives through the power of people data, which has created the foundation for her leadership of the development of Vantage’s HR Analytics product suite. Kim has a Bachelor of Commerce degree in Human Resources, Marketing, and Supply Chain Management from the University of KwaZulu Natal.

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South Africa

Block C, Unit 1, Sunbury Office Park, Douglas Saunders Drive Umhlanga Rocks South Africa 4051

+27 (0) 31 566 3146


Aldwych House, 71-91 Aldwych, London, WC2B 4HN

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